Gibson’s harmonica skill is remarkable: Resisting the urge to overplay, he wisely sits back and waits for the song to call for some wild burst of emotion, then unleashes it with a dexterity most guitarists couldn’t manage." —Robert Fontenot, Blues Revue Magazine

"’s no surprise that most of the music here should be shuffle-driven, good-time blues featuring sweet-warbling harmonica from Gibson (with strong echoes of Big Walter Horton in both his tone and melodic conceptions)…the members of the Stone Gas Band are true carriers of the torch, updating and adapting their sound, as blues musicians always have, to incorporate the best of the old and the new. As such, they’re a fitting living tribute to the spirits of the beloved elders in whose name, and memory, they continue to keep the music alive and growing." —David Whiteis, Living Blues Magazine (Oct/Nov Issue 2019)

Rhetta Akamatsu, Atlanta Examiner

“ was time for the headliner of the night, Billy Gibson won the BMA award for harmonica and it is easy to see why! Calling himself "Mr Natural," he was just that...casual, funny, and very, very good. ”